Record Trade Deficit with China

Almost 120 billion. I guess we are losing the trade game. Look at the score. And China is getting more authoritarian not less as the world hoped by opening trade with them. At least they are capitalistic, but what kind of govt is that?

"( - The U.S. merchandise trade deficit with China set a record through April, hitting $119,050,900,000 for the first four months of 2018, according to data released today by the Census Bureau.

The dems hate what Trump is doing to turn it around, but they offer no solution. Nor do the republicans that fear trade negotiations, so what’s the alternative to what Trump is doing?

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Why do you think trade deficits are so bad?

Lowers our standard of living over the long run.

So, what’s to hate? Trump trying to help ZTE or…?

Trump is cool…

I’ve been told that being able to load up our carts with cheap crap at Walmart raises our standard of living.

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How so?

Having affordable goods typically raises standards of living.

Would your life be better or worse if everything you purchased was 50% more expensive?

In the short term, it’s great for consumers. And we are not talking about ending trade with China. Just leveling the playing field a little.

You lose your manufacturing base and end up with our rust belt and less opportunity for workers. I doubt lowering the trade deficit will increase costs that much. Or much at all.

I take it you’re in favor of the many countries with whom we have trade surpluses imposing tariffs on us to level those playing fields?

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Level the playing field? Does that mean we have to start working for the same wages as Chinese laborers? M

As if they don’t already have trade barriers in place.

That’s what’s going to happen if we don’t protect our markets. I see the dems have no solutions to offer. Just large trade deficits forever I guess.

My solution is to have people get better more skilled jobs so they can earn enough to make a living.

It’s not that complicated.

We have 1.66 times their GDP with only one quarter of their population. I’m not going to stress over this issue or even consider it much of an issue for that matter. Trump is just wrong, period. Our trade deficits are not a big deal.

Sounds good, means little…

It means don’t expect the government to fix your problems for you. You’re all waiting for Trump to save you with big government economic interventions. Why not stop waiting and go out and make yourself better?

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Part of the record trade deficit is the fact that the economy is booming under Trump, so people are just buying more. But a strong manufacturing base is also a nat’l defense issue. There’s a reason almost every country on earth protects their markets.

2.2% GDP growth is now a booming economy?
It wasn’t when Obama was president.

“There are now more job openings than workers to fill them”