Recommendation for best live TV streaming cable replacement

I’m cutting the damn cord. My Xfinity is costing me more than 250 bucks a month. I am leaning toward PlayStation Vue.

What does everyone else think?

I say hulu live tv because I get all my local channels, plus on demand shows and movies. I need local stations for NFL…its only about $45/month and it’s all HD.

My Xfinity internet service no contract is $50/month

I have PS Vue. I love it. My bill is around $45 and includes local channels and the regional Fox sports, so that I get my local baseball/hockey games. Also the online DVR is pretty cool.

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Nice I didnt know vue had local channels

When I first subscribed a little over a year ago, it only had some of them… I think not ABC and only CBS On demand, not the live version. But it has since added both of those.

What channels does PS Vue offer?

I think a few have been added since this, but this is most of them. I can’t get to their site for an updated list since I am at work.

Also, most of the major streaming providers offer a 7 day free trial. I checked a couple of them out before pulling the trigger.

I have Sling. I get all of my favorite cable channels for about $25 per month. I also have Netflix for about $15 per month. I have antennas on all of the TV’s so I get all local channels. I have a jail-broken Firestick with KODI so I get new movie releases. My monthly bill for television is $40 per month and $40 for no contract internet.

I have Netflix and Prime. To me, Prime Video is just a perk of free 2-day shipping, but I do like the selection-lots of older/vintage/classic stuff, and lots of B-range stuff that isn’t so bad it’s not worth a watch. May ditch Netflix at some point, though, especially when Disney+ rolls out.

If I were going to pick up TV, it would either be Sling or Hulu. Both are super convenient and keep the price low.