RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Cory Booker Says Planet ‘CAN’T SUSTAIN’ Meat, Cheese Consumption | Sean Hannity

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker promoted his strict vegan diet during a recent interview published this week; bizarrely claiming the planet can no longer “sustain” the human consumption of meat and cheese.

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So is the answer Soylent Green?

As a NJ resident, I’m telling all not to be fooled by this moronic poser who, like most of the Dem candidates who have no chance, is really running for vice president. Except for being male, he fits all categories for the identity politics/no substance Dems. As mayor, Booker ruined the city of Newark. He took money from big Pharma. Facebook donated $100 million to the city and the money disappeared. He was complicit city water treatment scandal that no one will talk about. He brags about saving someone from a burning building while neglecting to mention that he closed 2-3 city fire stations. During the Kavanaugh hearings, Spartacus was a laughing stock citing secure documents that had already been released. He incited crowds to storm the capital. Although I would be happy to be rid him from NJ, this glad-handing, lying, Obama-wannabe, blowhard should never be within spitting distance of the White House

Sean: If this guy gets closer in the primaries, fact check my previous post. It’s true. You should also check how Mayor Booker got snookered in the arena deal with the NJ Devils and he whined about. This is the guy who wants to negotiate with world powers?

Now we know what is wrong with Cory Booker. Humans evolved on this planet primarily as carnivores. If you want to see what happens when carnivores go vegetarian, just look at the Giant Panda. They are on the brink of extinction without human intervention because they have so much trouble breeding.