Rebel Flag going up in South Carolina for a day (7-10-2018)

“The event is organized by the Secessionist Party, a small group that advocates for South Carolina to once again leave the union.”

Just renounce your citizenship and leave the country and never return, no more taxes.

Thats the easy way to secede…


Do you tell that to all the California’s wanting the state to leave the nation?

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Sure. ■■■■■■■ don’t believe in a United States. They’re like that terrible spouse who wants a relationship on their terms only.

They can go find a patch of silicon somewhere else to call their own. Or, in the case of the Sough Carolinians, a former plantation.

if they left the US they’d be crying to get back in within a year. we’re all so spoiled and take so much for granted. not unlike ungrateful teens.

So were you saying that to California? I believe that a group is still pushing for California as well. I actually think they are bigger than this south Carolina group.

The ultimate participation trophy for losers…

I will say that to Texans, Californians, South Carolinian, and anyone else who wants to secede from the Union.

Renounce your citizenship and leave the country.

stupid radicals who dont have a clue.


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see above.