Really Embarrassed to Admit to Physical Pain

My husband and I have a better relationship since we’re living someplace we both love. I’ve found artistic pursuits I thoroughly enjoy, have an idea for a project down the road.

I love watching birds & photographing different flowers. The problem?

I’m embarrassed to admit how much pain I’m in physically some days, so I keep quiet & maybe overdo it. Not suicidal, just really fed up.

It’s embarrassing to admit something that should be a relaxing experience, like reading in bed, is pins & needles. If not waking up with neck & shoulder pain that can lead to migraine, hip & lower back pain from osteoarthritis.

The latter got really awful today, but I chewed 5mg of weed & kept quiet, took a long walk later. Motion really helps, stretches in the morning, as does heat, but I took a bath that was too hot & had to recover from vertigo.

Am scheduled to see an orthopedist I like at the end of the month. Sorry this is a bit long winded.

Just needed a space to vent. It’s just embarrassing to admit to family I’m suffering yet again.

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More CBD. Cannabinoids are absorbed best when taken with foods high in starches or fats.

I understand the sentiment - but I see two paths leading here.

Are you embarrassed because you feel like it will diminish you in their eyes, or because you feel it will burden them?

For me, it’s the latter.

To be clear - I think both reasons are legitimate. I just wanted to know where you’re coming from.

Maybe more burdening them than anything.

A little, too, of being diminished in their eyes.

An old injury and inflammatory problem have taken their toll, and that’s disheartening.

Afraid to be seen as less capable.

Embarrassed to admit? Stop! That is not something that should embarrass you. I’m 53 right now and suffer from time to time with debilitating back pain. There’s bulging discs that cause pain throughout my respiratory system along my right arm. I sometimes can’t sleep because of it. Am I embarrassed? Hell no, I whine like a little bitch!

The good news is it comes and goes. But I’ve had this problem going back to my early 20s. Injuries from playing sports. Mainly football. But I kept playing regardless because I was young. Hell, I’ll even play now if given the opportunity. But I will never be embarrassed by something I can’t control that gives me pain.

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