READ: Mueller Releases Filing On How Manafort Broke Plea Agreement

There is some juicy stuff in here…the ship is sinking

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This is bigly.

The filing also says that Manafort lied to prosecutors about his contacts with the Trump Administration in front of the grand jury. The political consultant supposedly told prosecutors that he had no contact “with any member of the Administration and did not try to have such contact.” The filing goes on to say that “evidence demonstrates that Manafort’s statements were false.”


I wonder who this “unamed individual” is.

Regarding Manafort’s alleged lies about contacts with the Trump administration, Mueller’s team offered a text exchange in which an unnamed individual claiming to have an impending meeting with President Trump writes to Manafort, “If I see POTUS one on one next week am I ok to remind him of our relationship?”

Manafort replies to the message, dated May 2018: “Yes. Even if not one on one.”

I think we’re fairly confident what happened with Manafort and the Trump team. We’re just waiting for Mueller to drop the hammer.

Some people are still in Stage 1/Denial though. Gonna suck for them.

Manafort’s whole term with the Trump campaign was full of questionable behavior. You would think he’d have been vetted better.

For reference, by the way, here’s his plea deal.

Another bigly one, Mueller is going after the individual that gave polling data to Manafort.

Based on recent filings from Mueller’s team, Kilimnik appears to be at the heart of pieces of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.
The special counsel kept more details about the meeting secret in its Tuesday filing, such as what the in-person meeting was about and when it took place. An accompanying document with about 70 exhibits is also mostly redacted.

Lots of stuff going on today.

The stepson of conservative writer Jerome Corsi has been summoned by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to testify before a grand jury, according to Corsi, a sign that Mueller’s team remains focused on the writer and his interactions with Roger Stone, a close associate of President Trump.

Corsi said in a Fox Business Network interview Monday night that his stepson, Andrew Stettner, had recently received a subpoena for his testimony.

Both Corsi and Stone should be wearing orange jumpsuits before this is over. Two of the most despicable human beings in my lifetime.

Wait. That’s in front of the grand jury, not some “lyin’ to the FBI process crime.”


I kid, I kid.

It’s Putin.

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I predict much chaff and much deflection in this thread.

Let’s at least get this one out of the way:

“Ya got the tater now!”

TrumpP stILl youR presIdeNT

Something, something, trump is cool!

Hey now…

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Durr durr, what is all this? Trump is kool! Brawndo, it’s got what plants crave.

30% of the country; 100% Fox viewership

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The Inquisition, says confess or more torture…

Should Manafort be held accountable for lying to the grand jury?

as much as Bill Clinton was…

Try to focus. Should Manafort be held accountable for lying to the grand jury.

Yes… as much as Bill Clinton was…