Re-uniting the poor children of immigrents from thier families/Trumping the fools

Why doesn’t Pres. Trump sign and Executive order that allows ANY Democratic politician, activist( and Hollywood bigmouth) that is desperate to re-unite children with their family be allowed to take/adopt a family that has been separated. They can be responsible in every way. The families can come live with them, eat with them, cloth them,… They can make sure they show up for court appearances and if they don’t they can be held responsible for the fines and criminal time for failure to make sure their beloved immigrants fails to follow the law. We might even want to open a special family immigrant facility on Martha’s Vineyard or in Hollywood, right next to Oprah house, maybe Obama’s. Listen, the vast majority of these poor kids have been VOLUNTARILY separated from their families bases upon the families action, just like a heroin addict child would/will have been. It is sad but it’s true and you don’t see the Liberals emptying the jails to let those kids get back with their parents.