Rat Disease found in Human

Seems that a version of Hepatitus E that isfound in rats has made the jump to a man in Hong Kong.

Well that’s fun.

“Following a liver transplant.” Perhaps he was susceptible due to a suppressed immune system?

Not at all surprising. Pigs and rats live in such close proximity to humans they are among the most common zoonotic hosts. They also have very similar physiology to humans which is why they work so well for testing drugs intended for the human market.

I always liked the line from Hook where they were going to start testing on lawyers because there was less chance of researchers growing attached.

Diseases may also jump from lawyers to humans, sadly.

It appears his liver function tests were abnormal following the transplant, & drugs to prevent rejection of the transplant suppress the immune response, further worsening matters.

It also appears there was a lot of rat infestation around his home. There’s nothing surprising in this story.

Sounds like demon rats to me.