RASMUSSEN: What Will Life in America Look Like Post Pandemic?

Originally published at: RASMUSSEN: What Will Life in America Look Like Post Pandemic? | Sean Hannity

While millions of Americans struggle to remain safe and protect their families during the Coronavirus, the question will soon become: What does life in the United States look like post-pandemic?

“Last week, I noted that when the coronavirus crisis is over, things will return to a sense of normalcy. But they will never be the same. This week, we are getting our first hints of just how much things will change. How will our society deal with an unprecedented spike in unemployment? How many restaurants will never reopen? How will children go to school and college? How will we get together with friends and family?” writes Scott Rasmussen.

“I currently live in New York City and believe that, over the past generation, it has lived up to the hype of being the greatest city in the world. But looking out my window at empty streets during rush hour, I suspect the coronavirus will be the end of New York City as we know it. It has instantly become a city of the past, a city that thrived in an era that is rapidly coming to an end,” he adds.

“The first lesson is to recognize that the coronavirus is not creating this new era. Instead, it is forcing us to recognize and respond to an era that has already begun. It is also turbocharging the pace of change. Cultural changes that would have unfolded gradually over a generation or two will now take place in just a few years,” Rasmussen concludes.

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