Rand Paul Trump NATO Montenegro

So Trump attacked Montenegro shortly after meeting with Putin and Rand Paul last year voted to keep them out of NATO. Trump did not want to sign off on them joining NATO either but a veto proof majority in the Senate forced him to.

Rand Paul is defending Russia meddling in US elections with the same sort of defense Trump uses that so what the US does it too.

Rand Paul has previously attacked NATO under the guise of fiscal discipline but that was complete crap.

So why do these men want Russia to expand their old empire again and with it the loss of freedoms?

Simple question, are you willing to die to defend Montenegro? I’m not.

Simple question: Are you active military? I bet you are too old to fight in a war. So I don’t know why you think you might die.

So I should be willing to send others off to die for something I wouldn’t be willing to die for if I was young enough?

Oh and if we get into a war with Russia, being old and here is no guarantee you’ll live through it.

Very few people will live through it.

Including the Russians.

Is Montenegro worth that to them?

Do you apply that logic to all other NATO countries? or just Montenegro?

Yeah, Rand is going pretty ■■■■■■■ crazy. Another example is this whole security clearance issue. He’s all paranoid worried that people like Clapper and Brennan have the ability to spy on all of his communications despite the fact that they don’t have active access to classified material. They retain security clearance in the event they get hired to a government position that requires clearance. I mean, the following tweet is so absolutely ignorant and insane:

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You were not talking about others - you were specifically talking about yourself. You claimed a dire outcome (dying) that is not even applicable top you since you would not be involved. Also, unless you are the CIC now, you won’t be sending anyone off.

They wouldn’t be the first country to miscalculate what our response to doing so would be. See Kuwait.

When I said this same thing in 2003 I was told by some people that I was being unpatriotic. That the US had international responsibilities, and freedom!, etc.

You need to work on your reading comprehension skills. I didn’t claim I would die, I asked a hypothetical about whether the poster I was talking to was willing to die to defend them.

I think the point is that if there’s a war with Russia we’re all going to die.

Amazing how they dis NATO just because the idiot president they support does it. No patriotism with these folks. It was all smoke and mirrors.

Yeah, the recent Republican position on NATO has surprised me.

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Who would miscalculate? Montenegro or Russia?

So we just let russia have it?

Well there are strategic and economic interests of the US that are worth fighting for, I just don’t see what they are in regard to Montenegro.

Did you support defending Kuwait from Iraq?

Let the EU defend it, they are part of the EU. Which by the way, has economic power on par with our own.