Rand Paul blocks Senate from approving 9/11 victim compensation fund

Seriously- what a jerk. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/453519-rand-paul-blocks-senate-vote-on-9-11-victim-compensation-fund#bottom-story-socials
“But Paul objected, pointing to the country’s growing debt and arguing that any new spending should be offset by cuts to other spending.”

Now he’s worried about the deficit? He voted for Trump’s tax cuts which were not paid for and they will not pay for themselves. Instead, they are expected to increase the deficit by $900 billion.


Rand Paul has consistently been inconsistent on his views of how important the debt is.

Wait a minute.

In thread after thread on this board people are claiming that nobody in the GOP cares about debt.

Now someone takes a stand, and the arrows fly on that too.

Shades of LK 7:32.


Unless the same person is claiming both things, that doesn’t really mean much, does it?


Really not the best stand to take…

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democrats dont give farting flip about the debt

they just use it as a political tool

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Repugs/cons haven’t either, unless it’s on the back of the poor.

Rand Paul is pretty consistent on the stand he took here.

He’s not blocking the bill. (And it can come before the Senate for a vote, and you can be sure it will pass that way.) He’s just calling for a way to pay for the extra spending.

Gillibrand calls it a “political game”. Rand Paul is standing on his fiscal principles. It’s a game to her because she doesn’t share those principles.

“Where are the fiscal conservatives???”

Well, they’re few and far between, but here is one.

I have no problem with this, at least he’s willing to cut spending. He should have made cutting spending a condition of his vote for cutting taxes.

But why first responders and not corporate welfare queens?

Rand Paul voted for the tax bill without any spending offsets. He is a phoney. I remember when the 9/11 victims were respected.


Let’s review: This thread is about that phony Rand Paul denying 9/11 first responders continuing compensation for illnesses caused by 9/11.

Rand Paul is full of crap.

Right- next, the republicans will be calling them freeloaders.

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Why isn’t Rand Paul denouncing the socialist agenda percolating in the House that will add $Trillions to the deficit?


The buck used to stop at the President until Trump rolled into town. Now everything is the Democrats fault.

Where were his fiscal principles when he voted for deficit-spiking tax cuts?

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This is BS.

He voted for a tax cut that increased the deficit $200 BILLION per YEAR.

This bill costs $10 billion in a DECADE.

■■■■ Rand.


I’m glad the bill passed.

Little fun fact. Did you know Trump was at ground zero? Spent quite a lot of time there. He made sure to inform is all of that during the bill signing ceremony.

“I was down there also,” the president said to an audience of 60 first responders and their families who had gathered in Washington to witness the signing ceremony. “But I’m not considering myself a first responder,” he added.

“I spent a lot of time down there with you,” the president added, appearing to suggest without evidence that he participated in either rescue efforts or surveying the damage after the attacks.

Mr Trump also joked with the first responders that the stage set up in the White House Rose Garden might fall as they were all convening for a photo. He added that if the stage falls, the responders “are not falling very far”.

Remember when we had a President who could make it more than a day without telling an easily disprovable lie? Remember when we had a President who didn’t stand before heroes, some of whom are facing debilitating conditions from their acts, and try to somehow put himself on the same level with them? Remember when the majority of the Republican party wasn’t utterly shameless and cowardly?


No he was on TV bragging about that he now owned the tallest building in NYC.