Raging Texas man abuses and threatens Arab store employee


I guess you guys have noticed that people like this guy have been coming out of the woodwork. I’m not sure why.

He said some really bad stuff that I’d be banned for if I actually typed. He need to be locked up.

Oh, one more thing. He’s recently “Liked” Facebook stuff from Confederate groups as well as the right-wing Oath Keepers militia and the Confederate/neo-Nazi Peckerwood prison gang.


There is no racism.


We all know why. Trumps rhetoric and actions have emboldened reprobates like this man. They feel that their views and opinions are being validated.

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False flag fake news liberal plant.

Keep calm and MAGA on.

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Sadly, this type of thing isn’t that uncommon.

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Seems to me that whether recently or not, such behavior is more common in rural areas than in cities.

Anyone here ever hear of Friendswood, Texas, before now?

Are they known, like neighboring Houston, for much ethnic diversity?

Somehow I doubt it.


Its a lot easier to be a racist, etc when you grow up in a small town with little to no minorities. the greatest tool to end racist, homophobia, etc is to meet and interact with people form those groups and you will learn they are human.


They are simply suddenly empowered.


Racial slurs?
Arab isn’t a race.


Ethnic slurs technically.

Still someone like that guy doing the abusing in that video isn’t smart enough to know that. To him Arabs aren’t “proper” white people.


All of a sudden I’m remembering that lady at the McCain rally in 2008 talking about Obama “He’s an Arab…” to which McCain’s retort was - “No m’am, he’s a good family man”


People like this are common in deep red states, thankfully most of them aren’t drunk enough in public to embarrass themselves like this guy, and are stuck there because their bootstraps are too short.

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The guy in the video didn’t call it racism. The OP and the OP article did.
Why? Why not, at least, try to be truthful?


And so are people like the customer, who got in the idiot’s face & let him know she had already called the police.

There is plenty of racism, ethnocentrism and nativism in deep blue states as well. It’s just more subtle and sneaky.

I’d rather it be blatantly obvious, since none of those mentioned ‘ism’s’ are going away in this lifetime, so I can say Hey! That’s an idiot! I think I’ll avoid him.


Becauae most people say racism when talking about ethnicity becauae 5 race theory is stupid


I don’t see anyone condemning this guy’s actions.


Yes, most people are ignorant. They also like to say racism because it sounds more dramatic.


Someone will be along shortly to tell us that this is not racism. Oh, wait…nevermind.