Radical Traditionalists

I’m not sure what to say about this, but I find it highly troubling that once again the FBI is putting traditional conservative denominations on its watchlist and now they are claiming that in the Catholic Church, there are “racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists in radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology”.

I’m no Catholic, nor do I play one on TV. Still, I can’t think of traditionalist Catholic ideology that would be considered “radical” much less a safe haven to racially or ethnically motivated extremists, especially of the violent variety. I don’t recall any stories that have linked such people to the Catholic Church. Did I miss something, besides the usual anit-Catholic herp-a-derp?

I am deeply bothered by what’s coming out about that.

A year ago the rosary was declared a possible terrorism symbol.

Next we find the FBI was grooming informants inside the Church.

I see a sinister trend.

As for “traditional Catholics” …

There was a sea change of character within the Church out of the Second Vatican Council. None of it was a change in faith or moral teaching, but in practices, rites, calendar, devotions and other things. A faction of Catholicism refused to let go of the old traditions and practices. They still want their masses said in Latin, under the old format. (Tridentine Mass.) The Church allows for them to do that.

I suspect this is the “radical-traditionalist Catholic ideology” being referred to.

I feel sorry for the traditionalist Catholics.

The FBI persecuting them on one side.

And good ole Franky in Rome persecuting them on the other side. :smile:

But to be serious for a moment, yes, the FBI stuff has got to stop.

Like the evil ones in Scripture, they know their time is short. They have to do as much damage ------ destroy as much goodness as they can with what time they have left.