Racist, Sexists, Homophobic!

I’m just curious, but do the Democrats have any other political strategy’s other than to simply
call Republicans things like Racists, Sexists, Homophobic, etc., and have people within their party tell their voters to attack Republicans publicly? I mean isn’t telling your own voters to attack the opposition publicly, and then turning around and calling Republicans Racists, Sexists, Etc., completely contradictory? There is a lot of hate coming from the far left, and I thought the Democrats were all about acceptance and love? What happened there?

They lied.


ah, back to the old, “it’s racist to call me a racist!” line of reasoning.

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I do not know of any Democrat that calls ALL Republicans racists, sexists of homophobic.

However, if one is a racist, sexist or homophobic…one is much more likely to be a Republican or Conservative. (not libertarians, they tend to not care)

A lot of that stems from being ignorant of facts, or blinded by their religion.
Something else that is consistent with many Republicans and Conservatives.


Rush is that you

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When I see such behavior, I will say so.

Some people get really angry about it. Can’t be helped.

The incessant parroting of pundit talking points does get tedious.

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Some, I assume, are good people…

Oh, wait - I think I left out something prior to that line. What was it I left out… I can’t quite remember…


I dont know how many times I’ve heard the OP contents as a 15 minute segment on the radio

Yes, they also insult and physically attack people who openly support the President as part of their “Love trumps hate” campaign.

Plus that one defecated on a cop car during occupy wall street.

Magnificent post. :clap: Simply magnificent.

What you have to understand is they have no choice other than to call those names.

It’s a brilliant strategy, because they talk about liberals calling them racists ten times more than any liberals call any conservatives racists.

I mean, who is the “us” in their equation anyway? If anyone who can vaguely be classified as liberal calls anyone who can vaguely classified as conservative racist or sexist or homophobic they all react as if it was said personally to them.

The skill to get such a sense of collectivism out of quote-unquote rugged individualists is very clever.


“Heritage not hate”

Conservatives defend literal nazis when they carry out your explanation to the extreme. It’s baffling.

Thank you.

(assuming you are serious)

Absolutely serious. If there was Pulitzer for political forum posts, that would win it hands down.

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Who is defending actual Nazis?

There were many fine people on both sides

Were you serious with your post?