R.I.P. Kirk Douglas

Hollywood icon and legendary actor Kirk Douglas had passed away.

My favorite Kirk Douglas movies include:
Path of Glory
Ace In the Hole
Gunfight at the O.K. Corral
The Bad and the Beautiful
Seven Days In May
Out of the Past


For me, it’s all about Out of the Past.

Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum smoking at each other is one of my favorite movie scenes of all time.

Rest in Peace.

I was never a big fan except for 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and his Tough Gus with Brt Lancaster.

Rest in Peace to a man whose life was well lived.

Spartacus is my middle name. My mother had a crush on him around the time was born. My son now has the same middle name lol

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So essentially, every time you introduce yourself, you could theoretically, with full honesty, say “I am Spartacus.”

That is wonderful.

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Enjoyed him in “The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers” and “The Glass Menagerie”.

Was a fascinating man, from authoring “The Ragman’s Son”, to a Bar Mitzvah at 80, to financing, with his wife Ann Buydens, a Los Angeles homeless women’s shelter.

Now he can be reunited with his son, Eric, and his 70 years long friend, Karl Malden.

He lived to 103 years of age. Wow. That’s quite a life. May he rest in peace.

Yeah, Ace in the Hole (aka The Big Carnival) is a vastly underrated film. I think it came out within a year of Sunset Boulevard, both Billy Wilder films, and that Wilder preferred Sunset Boulevard.