Questions about getting COVID

Myself and family were in direct contact with a person who got COVID (has symptoms and did receive a positive test & was also fully vaccinated). No one was wearing masks. After a week no one in my family has any symptoms and both myself and daughter tested negative. It’s likely the person contracted it only a day before coming into our home. My theory is that the individual was likely not contagious at the time they were in our home, which is why no one in my family contracted it. Would others concur with my conclusion?

Also I have these questions. How long after a person contracts the virus are they actually contagious to others? I assume there’s an incubation period, correct? Please feel free to offer any other insights you have as well.

There are a lot of variables, but the new variants are especially good at transmission before there are clear symptoms.

I wasn’t able to pin down the specific day when the individual first developed symptoms. It was likely more than three days after being in our house. If that is accurate it would support the link you provided.

Typically want to test after 3-5 days of exposure

A family members son caught Covid he is under 12 only symptom was loss of taste, he got tested a few days after and it came back negative. His pediatrician recommended he take a second test, his theory was it was too early to detect and was probably still low viral load. The second and third test came back positive.

Everyone that was exposed to him came back negative expect grandpa he came back positive on his second test thankfully he is vaxxed and experienced mild symptoms and tested negative on his third test.

Our test was six days from exposure. Since we both tested negative and that nobody had symptoms, I felt pretty confident that we were safe.