Questions about deletions in El Paso Mass Shooting thread

What exactly happened in that thread that warranted dozens upon dozens of posts being deleted without a word? I saw a few problematic things, especially the troll who praised the shooter, but not much of anything else that warranted just totally trashing the entire thread. Just looking for word about what is off limits before participating in it again.


First day, mocking “thoughs and prays” have been deleted (as is customary in those threads).

Anything referencing where to find the manafesto and or quotes of it have been deleted. The Shooter doesn’t get a voice on Hannity.

Fair enough, but there were lots of posts deleted that had nothing to do with any of those things.

There were many that were quotes of the above – and a couple of trolling posts.

I must have missed something. I go out in workshop to do some clamping and come back and most of my posts are gone.

I didn’t know I was trolling…or replying to any troll posts. And when one did I said I’m done here.

I think your’s were replies to deleted posts.

No one is mocking thought and prayers comments they are just pointing out the futileness.

Can you tell me when can we comment about that ? In 1 day? 3 days? a week?

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give it at least a day

Sounds fair.