Question about multiple replies

Hi this is probably a stupid question but if i have say 5 replies in the same thread is there a way i can go to each one separately?

If i click on on the 5 replies it just gives me the first reply. Is there a way to jump to the next reply without scrolling through the thread?

I am sure this was asked before but i am slow on the uptake.
Thank you in advance!

You should count yourself lucky…that you’re so popular that others are replying to your posts. :wink:

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Never saw it asked before.

I do a SEARCH on the thread for my username. All replies that I made (and all the ones that quote me) come up in the search results. I can go to individual ones from there. (And back arrow to get back to the list.)

I guess if the same person replies to you multiple times within a thread, it would generate a single link with the first reply? I think replies from different posters link to separate notifications.

It’s an annoyance, but nothing can be done about it except to scroll after the next one.

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Ooh that’s a good idea. Thank you!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to reply. Understood!