Question About A Loving God

One question: If God is loving and merciful, why are so many of His creations, both human and nonhuman, treated so cruelly?

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Because God gave authority over the earth to man and most people are spiritually lazy and are yielding their authority over to the devil to manipulate, steal, kill and destroy.

We are letting devils manipulate us into thinking and doing towards creation as Satan does.

White light includes every color of the spectrum.

Psychologist Paul Bloom notes that it is generally accepted that people become cruel to those they dehumanize. He doesn’t believe this is the entire truth. He adds:

"We see other people as blameworthy, as morally responsible, as themselves cruel, as not giving us what we deserve, as taking more than they deserve. And so we treat them horribly precisely because we see them as moral human beings."

Are we becoming hateful towards one another because we see that as a society we are not living up to our moral standards? Let’s take a look at what society accepts these days: Divorce/walking away from children we conceive either with our feet or through abortion; we follow our political leaders and news media in actually loathing people of the opposite party; our justice system these days seems anything but fair; the wealthier become wealthier with even more powerful while the poor grow poorer and have even less power because lobbyists support the rich and powerful.

When we look at what is happening around us, are we thinking, “That’s fair” or are we thinking, “This is so unfair.”

Have we allowed ourselves to become immoral–or at least accepting of immorality in our society? Is that is what is breeding cruelty?

That’s my issue. A four year old girl in my area, wondered away yesterday and drowned in a pond. Why this random act of cruelty? Why did her family deserve this? God has some explaining to do. No internet preacher has been able to explain the randomness good enough for me.

I need the answer from God.


Do accidents qualify as acts of human cruelty?

I interpret the act of cruelty as towards the family in their child dying.

As for myself, I’m an animal lover. Nature is neither kind, nor cruel. Its nonhuman creations act with survival in mind.

If a loving God creates them as he intended, why does he allow human beings to be so cruel to them?

Why are you asking me? I already said that I don’t have any answers. I have only questions that I can’t find answers to.

One of a million questions I have.

It’s odd how this world really doesn’t look any different than a world where there is no Divinity.

He doesn’t show himself
He doesn’t speak to us
He doesn’t answer prayer
He cannot be tested
He doesn’t intervene


You are projecting. That’s how it looks to you. Millions of others would disagree. Do you have a problem with that?


Obviously I am giving my view. But objectively, we have not seen any of the above items I listed above demonstrated in a convincing way.

People are free to believe what they want to believe. Some beliefs deserve more consideration than others.

Who gets to decide? Isn’t it an individual choice? Nobody else’s business?

That’s not cruelty, unless some person came along and tossed her in there so that she would drown. (The question in the OP is about creatures being treated cruelly.)

Who conducted that cruelty?

If somebody stood there, watched her slip and fall in, then did nothing. That would be cruelty. According to the faithful, somebody did.

Like I said, people can believe whatever they want. When they share those beliefs with others, some beliefs deserve more consideration than others, right?

Are you suggesting that God is on the hook for eliminating all pain and tragedy and death here on earth?

Consideration by whom? Again, that’s entirely up to the individual. Some religions “consider” covering their wives from head to toe in a blanket, making them subservient to twelve year old boys, beating them, mutilating their sex organs, punishing them if they are raped, even buying 10 year old “brides.” No, I would not give this “consideration” for myself. But millions do.