Pun halfway intended Is it time to make cruise ship passengers walk the plank?

So tired of reading these Darwin Award cruise ship passengers sailing into America asking to dock filled with coronavirus passengers this far into crisis. At this point if you are dumb enough to get on a cruise boat maybe a deserted island or walking the plank would be a better option for society.

Another one wanting to dock in Florida.

From the article:
Carnival still has five ships with passengers aboard, which were thousands of miles from port when operations were suspended.

Maybe these guys were part of a group that was already on a boat? Goodness if people are still getting on a boat then I’d agree there’s something very wrong with them.

Are cruises still taking off now? Or have they at least stopped for the time being…

Cruise, plane, train … I wouldn’t want to get on any of these right now.

Darwin Award. Indeed!

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Certainly flotillas of refugees across typical stretches of such migration paths are still going… Imagine the infection rate on one of those!

We cruise some so I’m on email lists. You’d think they’d slow down but Carnival hasn’t stopped spamming me with ‘book now!’ ads.

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There still sailing

Just imagine the extent of cross-infection on a boat like this by the time they get to the other side if only one person had the virus when they started… (Note: I just picked this link because it had a picture like the picture I had in mind when I was looking for something.)

Should we help them or let them die?

And the fact that 500 desperate people lost their lives… that’s just incidental.

Americans on those ships are being quarantined and foreigners are being sent straight home on chartered aircraft and not having any contact with the public, so the risk is actually quite low. I don’t know who is paying for those charter planes though………….

There are more options than just those two.

You own that statement. I certainly didn’t say that.

Well I for one am glad that chlamydia, which usually flies solo on Carnival, will finally get to have a friend. Perhaps Corona will even ask her to 80s prom night! :heart:

It’s a solid question :thinking: