Psychic News Anchor

Just watched the news.
There was a shooting at a Denny’s parking lot, by two Black men who killed another man.
It was caught on Denny’s security camera.
The news anchor said the police wanted our help in identifying the shooters.
They zoomed in on their faces and described them as African Americans.

The African part I can understand. How do they know they are Americans? They could be Nigerians or Kenyans here for a visit.

This news guy does this kind of thing frequently. I can only guess he has psychic powers.

He’s just trying to be politically correct. If he refers to them as “black men” someone will scream racism.

lol - The African part you two can understand.

That’s really what went through your mind?

The news man stated with confidence the two men were African American.
He did not have any information on them except pictures.
His ability to determine nationality by looking at a picture suggests psychic powers.

Good thread. At least we arent talking about $1trillion deficits

Or healthcare.

But you are perfectly okay with the African part? It’s just the American part that causes you stress? :smile: