Protests in Hong Kong


so we have the democratic leadership on one hand

and the reaction of the Trump admin on the other hand
which do you think are more in line with the protesters?

China is communist, not socialist.

Trump supporter.

Sure just like I knew about the yellow vest riots over gas tax hikes before most of the board…

hahah…hilarious…you really want touse the yellow vest with me?

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What’s the difference?

?..I just did…


unless you can read french and you read and knew about the petition you done failed

I like that congress may pass that bill, But Trump has done much more to take away China’s growing influence and power with his tariffs than anyone before him.

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no he hasn’t…not by any stretch of the imagination.

my point exactly …
now go do teh duckduckgo and do a bit of research as to why the protest started in HK then you can maybe…just maybe figure out why there were no protest like it during 2008-16

Sure he has. That’s costing them real money. Before him no one cared it seemed. Just let China’s govt head to complete socialist fascism because they sell stuff cheap. That seemed to be Obama’s and Bush’s view…

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Because we were soft on China during Bush and Obama… Trump is hitting them where it hurts…

We still have lots of Tariffs on them…

if he really wanted to do that he would have continued the TPP which was specifically created to counter China by creating a united front with many countries…but he didnt

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who pays the tarrifs, why would he care about the Christmas season?

BUt, I’m glad you support his current tariffs now!