Protecting Our Border with Troops

Please pass this message along to POTUS Trump through your shows or by direct contact that you may have.

Mt. President:
To make the military troops more effective at the Mexican Border, why don’t you “TEMPORARILY REASSIGN” the 15,000 troops to be BORDER PATROL AGENTS and place them under the direction and service of the head of BORDER PATROL. THEY NO LONGER ARE MILITARY and therefore can actively “CATCH” the illegals as they try to enter the USA. This could be done by Executive Order. As POTUS you should be able to realign, merge, and divest divisions, departments, and personnel who work for the Administration at your will. Even if you have to temporarily discharge the military members from their military duty and issue a personnel policy that says: “that any military personnel who are temporarily discharged can be reinstated to military service at their previous or higher rank by the POTUS within 365 days of the Temporary Discharge and if reinstated they will each receive a $1000 Reinstatement Bonus,” that can likely be done by Executive Order. You can also make sure that the Temporary Discharge does not impact the family members of the US Military personnel who have been reassigned, e.g. Housing, education, Commissary access, etc.

Keep taking bold action to protect the USA and Make America Great Again!

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Yeah, who needs to have actually trained for the job, and passed through the patrol academy, it’s just a name, right?

And why bother with silly conditions such as: ”except in cases and under circumstances expressly authorized by the Constitution or Act of Congress…”.

Trump should be able do whatever he wants! MAGA!

I’m sure that’s going to hold up in federal court… yeah, I say go for it… No need for congress to authorize budgets or anything…

Do any of these red hatters understand that the point of the caravan is to basically walk up to a border patrol agent so they can be detained and apply for asylum?

I swear the mean IQ in this country has ■■■■■■■ plummeted since 2016.

No it hasn’t.

The Internet just allows more people to be more vocal with a longer reach than previously.

And ignorance has been emboldened.

I don’t know…as someone who’s been on the internet steadily since 2008ish, there’s a grand dumbening occurring. People who formerly would at least not be exposed to conspiracies are now only exposed to conspiracies and propaganda.

I think you also have to consider that we just have more people on the Internet now. 10 or 15 years ago it was still more of a niche thing, especially decent quality connections in rural areas. Hell, a little over 10 years ago I was still on dial up.

And of course there is also the rise of social media and the fact that anyone can find a community of like minded folks now, no matter how insane or nonsensical your opinions of the world around you. The crazies feed off one another on places like Reddit, 4chan, or even obscure political forums like the one we are on now.

right, and because of this I think we have moved from an ignorant populace to a stupid one.

A person is smart, people are a dumb panicky bunch and you know it.


Before the internet, you had to at least walk past sane people to get to the crazies. Now, you can go straight to the crazies.

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We wouldn’t need so many troops protecting our border if we’d simply put down a bunch of landmines. Migrants would think twice about crossing our border when they saw their buddies get blown up.

I like your idea and why not email it directly to the Whitehouse. Contact Us | The White House

Good Men in Black pull by you.

That’s racist. Why can’t they be men in white? I’m rip torn over this issue.

Could we embed the work visa documentation with poison too?

If visa holders die from handling their paperwork, they can’t overstay their visas.

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Better hurry, the number of border patrol agents are set by federal law… After next week, it’s probably not going to happen…

Why don’t you?

Because the suits that they wear are black.

If there were a budget issue, you must remember that we currently are at the beginning of the budget year. As per actions taken buy the Obama Admin., budgets can be fluid between departments and reconciled by Congress at a future date if needed. In this case though, the Coast Guard already falls under HLS along with Border Patrol so the budget acrobatics that Obama pulled from time to time will not even be necessary. The Coast Guard and Border Patrol budgets come from HLS Budget.