Propaganda Me Today Own Me Tommorrow

I always laugh when “small government” conservatives have the audacity to complain about government intrusion while in the same breath outlining all the places government should intrude.

Are they still a thing?

They cracked down on pot? Where? Last I checked it was still legal in quite a few states.

Ask Mike Pence and religious right leaders and voters if they are still a thing.

What are their recent accomplishments?

Voting in Trump

Some of them have enough shame to keep quiet while continuing to support Depraved Donald.

Wait until you see the disconnect between voting and polls if he runs for re-election. Shaming is much less effective when people are behind the voting curtain.

Like melissa click … who did her PhD dissertation on the whiteness of Martha Stewert.

Oh I’ve no doubt that if it were a choice in 2020 between Donald and a Democratic family man with zero scandal who the values voters would pull the lever for. I wasn’t talking about other people shaming them into silence, however, but rather their own conscience.

Which so far, has been nothing but lip service to the law as written. If they intended to shut down legal marijuana sales they could have started making arrests the same day they made that announcement.

The guy told everybody here to cash out of the stock market when it was at the bottom. He’s very susceptible to propaganda and the emotional sales pitch.

I’m just glad he didn’t grow up in the bad part of Chicago.