Promises Made, Promises Kept! trump Most Transparent President in History

While the corrupt bidens are in hiding, or maybe witness protection, trump has been out answering questions, tweeting about it, talking about it, releasing a TRANSCRIPT, releasing the “whistle-blower” complaint.

And trump is doing all of this while the corrupt hostile media relentlessly attacks him,.

The bidens are hiding from an adoring media.

Is it true that hunter biden never registered as a foreign agent??

Because I hear that’s really bad.


Why would Hunter register as a Foreign agent what foreign government does he work for?

This thread should go about as well as your last in which you listed a who’s who of the most corrupt people in the Ukraine as sources for this top secret colluding.

but congrats on using China government propaganda site as your source this time.


Except for all the things that were put in a secret server.

Impeach Hunter Biden!!!

Justice for Donald and Rudy!!!

You really sure you want to use that source?

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Empty promises.

I did a Google search for “trump promises transparency” and this is what popped up. I’m not scrolling through pages of what Google wants me to see, versus exactly what I was searching for right at the top of the page.

I had seen trump say that the other day, and those were the words that came to mind when I went to post this thread.

I had no idea that this was a chinese site. I’ll assume you all are correct about that. Still doesn’t change what was said by trump. Feel free to point out what is in dispute on the Chinese site.

Since it has now been brought to my attention, I went back and did another Google search, this time for “trump promises transparency impeachment inquiry”.

Once again, this is the only search result near the top. Do a search yourself.

Take it up with google.


“Impeach hunter biden”??

He’s not even running for office. Which is why it is PERFECTly fine for someone to ask for his corruption to be looked into.


In an interview, Yuri Lutsenko said while he was Ukraine’s prosecutor general he told Rudolph W. Giuliani that he would be happy to cooperate if the FBI or other U.S. authorities began their own investigation of the former vice president and his son Hunter but insisted they had not broken any Ukrainian laws to his knowledge.