Project Veritas Bombshell Video Exposes “Resist” Socialist Employee Inside State Department | Sean Hannity

A newly released undercover video shows a State Department employee bragging about how they use their time at the agency to organize for the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

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Hang these treasonous azz holes! Every damn one of them!

Womp womp…

So now we are talking about major ethics violations by a federal employee as well as Hatch act violations. Let’s see if anyone bothers to prosecute or even follow up on this malfeasance.

They want, he’s a democrap… Teflon backs!!

These people should be fired. This is a result of the buildup in the government employment during the Obama administration.

So, if this scumbag is admittedly working for the overthrow of the US Government, WHY is he still employed? He SHOULD be in jail!

HINT: He’s not working to overthrow the US Government.

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Is that it? Is the the famed “deep state” wow i have seen deeper spit puddles.

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What do you mean, “Is that it”??? He has engaged in illegal and unethical behavior that would have any conservative fired, hanged, then drawn and quartered by the leftist lamestream media. He violated ethics regulations, the Hatch Act and engaged in waste, fraud and abuse against the people of the United States! When someone responds with the cavalier like you, it makes people think: “What crimes has he committed that this guys crimes are no big deal”?

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Fired from what? He is not even employed… that is kind of the point, this guy is a nobody.

Go ahead and prosecute him for any crimes he committed, but nothing about this shows a “deep state”.

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The fact that there’s some ■■■■■■ low level government employee is not a “bombshell”.

The vast majority of Democrats and liberal progs have lost all semblance of objectivity. They have no integrity or patriotism left. They are in full on hate Trump mode. So anything their fellow haters do is permissible with them. As long as it was done to spite Trump, or Republicans, they will dismiss it with an eye roll.

On that I agree.

I think this is useful as a tool to remind everyone, that there truly are people who engage in subversive activities within our government, and they do so with politically partisan motivations, tied to their political party affiliation.

Could you translate that into English for me, please?

Certainly sounded like it in the excerpts I read.

Sort of like what happened to the vast majority of Republicans and conservatives when Obama was President…

Got some examples?

Who said it did? Deep State consists of people like George Soros, the Clintons, Obama, the Bush family and all the wealthiest powerful people in the country who want to control the entire world!