PROGRESSIVE PARADISE? San Francisco Creates $750,000 ‘POOP PATROL’ to Fight Feces

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The liberal bastion of San Francisco continued its struggle with crime, rampant homelessness, and “feces-ridden sidewalks” this week, creating what government officials describe as a “poop patrol” to help clean up the streets.

According to Fox News, the California city designated a new department responsible to rid the region of human waste accumulating throughout the metropolis; responding to nearly 15,000 complaints since the beginning of 2018.

“The ‘Poop Patrol’ – part of the city’s Pit Stop program which provides staffed public toilets around the downtown areas – will begin patrolling the alleys around Polk Street and other hot spots in a vehicle equipped with a steam cleaner,” writes Fox News.

“So, what happens is we’re going to take one of those crews out and try to get ahead of those calls and look for these locations so that hopefully we can get less numbers of calls coming in,” added Department of Public Works director Mohammed Nuru.

The program is estimated to cost the city $750,000.

Read the full report at Fox News.

They can employ the homeless, who are the ones pooping. That is what you might call job security; as long as they keep pooping on the streets, they have a job. Brilliant!