Professor accurately predicted last nine elections

Allan Lichtman, an American University professor who has correctly predicted the last nine presidential elections, says President Trump will win the 2020 election unless congressional Democrats impeach.

He correctly points out that impeachment isn’t just a vote in the House. It will involve public House and Senate hearings which will bring out tons of dirty laundry.
He attributes Gore’s loss in 2000 to Clinton’s impeachment.

If Trump isn’t the poster child for impeachment, I don’t know who is. Everything is spelled out right there in the Mueller report.

He says Democrats should impeach Donald Trump if they want to win in 2020? I agree. They look like the spineless dems they’ve always been portrayed as if they continue to run their mouths but do nothing. That may not be “as bad” as Trump, but it’s not going to inspire anyone to get out to vote.

Do it.

See what happens.

No more talk.

Pelosi is holding back because she knows the Senate won’t convict him.

She’s a weak woman.

newt would have had it done by now.

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How often do prosecutors bring a case to trial if they know a jury would not convict?

Does that make their client innocent?

It’s hard to imagine a President more worthy of impeachment than Trump. Unfortunately it is also true that Republicans are pretty much universally complicit in his behavior and the Democratic leadership is so terrified of it’s own shadow that they won’t even attempt to do much.

Yeah, we all know Trump isn’t getting removed from office. Mitch McConnell would never even allow that to become a possibility. Not even trying is still shameful though. It sends a horrible message to future leaders.

no but impeachment doesnt make them guilty

that just means they’re pissed off they lost


That’s not true. You are simply making this up.

Read the report.

Horrowitz, Huber and Durham will soon have a lot to say on this issue of illicit behavior that should be prosecuted and I look forward to us all uniting…in cleaning out the swamp.

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the one that says there was no evidence?


Does that make the client guilty?


I’d really like to know if Allan Lichtman actually PREDICTED the last nine elections, or did he create a model that he believes explains the last nine elections.

This strikes me the same as that Colorado guy who said Romney was going to win based on his model thet “predicted” the last several elections before 2012.

Turns out all he had was the latter…a model fitted to “explain” elections that had already occurred.

Meaning his model was not validated by testing it on “data” it hadn’t already seen.


I attribute Gore’s loss in 2000 to the American public wanted a change after 8 years of liberal democrate policy.


So, it seems the model was developed in 1981, and it’s held true for every election since with the exception of the 2000 election.

There’s actually something to be said for that.

Only once since FDR has the American public left one party in control of the Presidency for three consecutive terms.

Thanks- that’s a little better. I’ll check up on this.

He’s due.

Pretty crazy… I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it’s crazy to think that none of that matters.