Profanity filter

I just posted in a thread and used the word “butt-hole”, I was surprised that the profanity filter didn’t catch it. (I re-worded my brilliant thought) I don’t know if you have access to what the filter calls profanity, but FYI.

Just tesing:


That’s not real profanity ■■■■ ■■■■ <—- working.


I once posted about one particular style of shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun, and the post was flagged as needing moderator approval.

Whoa nothing

One of my cousin’s professors at OSU, a few years back, would keep trying to say “focus,” but with his accent it seemed as he was saying ■■■■■ us.”

Seems like the filter is working for me, at least. Maybe it’s a client-side issue? Or rather, that the words “butt” and “hole” are not swear words when used separately or with a dash. ■■■■■■■ is still censored.

Thus, using the dash could constitute a filter bypass.

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I’m letting this posts stand

But that is considered a filter bypass subject to deletion and sanction.