Pro Israel oathes required by some States

So there are some states that require employees or in even in some cases those receiving benefits sign an oath to not boycott Israel.

My question is why do small government conservatives allow this clear infringement on the First Amendment stand?

Actually, conservative first amendment attorneys have been vigorously fighting these laws and have gotten numerous pro-Israel laws overturned.

Its a fundamentalist thing, probably. I doubt if a court would uphold them.

Fair enough.

I was doing a little snarky nose tweaking there.

I think that on this issue there could easily be broad support for striking down what is easily unconstitutional… and I include Cuomo’s position on this also.

While the ACLU was attorney for plaintiffs in this case, numerous conservative amici submitted briefs in support of the ACLU and against the law.

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Both conservative and liberal justices on the Supreme Court are generally very pro First Amendment and I expect that the Supreme Court will rule 9 to 0 against the laws when a case reaches them.

Not at all surprised that it was authored by inbredneck evangelatards.