Primary Trend: Women are Winning!

The Ocasio-Cortez win last night is yet another example of a trend this year … when Democrat Women run, they win!

That’s a pretty strong representation of Women on the Dem side. Not so much on the Republican side. But even better, there this …

That is wild. Women are winning 71%(!) of their races under those circumstance. And even in Republican races, they are winning 35%. Which is promising given they are only represented in 16% of the races.

I sincerely hope this trend continues, for both parties. We need to elect more women!

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Good News!

More women in power will just piss off conservatives…

So yes, good news indeed…

The one woman i saw running for office made a video of herself committing a felony. She lost in the primary.

More Democrat women in power, yes. My hope is that both parties will continue to nominate and elect more women.

How so?

It means women are more equally represented in government. In the 2017 congress, women only make up about 20% of all members. That number needs to increase.

And personally, I think men have had their chance and it’s time for women to have more of a say. Can’t be any worse than what the old white men have done before them.

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Sure, because Maxine Waters has been such a stellar example of what a congressman should be and how they should act.

As I just stated, we need to achieve equal representation as compared to the general population. Men are overly represented in congress.

Maxine Waters does not represent all women.

What percentage do women make up of our population?

Why? What difference does the tackle between a person’s legs make in their ability to do the hob in Congress?

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How is that relevant?

Just answer the question.

Too damn many.

There’s too damn many women in the population?

I was going to answer your earlier question, but it seems like you’re just a troll.

I’m a misogynist. What do you expect me to say? :roll_eyes:

Nice girl, but about as sharp as a sack of wet mice

You think the only difference between men and women in our society is biological? Their experiences and perspectives are identical?

Just like Donald Trump doesnt represent all men. LOL.



Your choice.

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