Previous Community Feedback Thread Deleted

Hello. I had a thread earlier this month about what’s appropriate when responding to posters here. I thought it was a legitimate question. But I see that it is gone. But I didn’t get an update as to why. Can I get clarification on that?

I don’t see the topic in question in the system. As to responding to other posters, follow the golden rule, keep your responses to the topic, not the other members, and flag posts that you feel are personal attacks or inappropriate for MOD review…

That thread did exist. And was here. And many of us are not allowed to flag posts. So we have no recourse except to come here. But my thread that was seeking clarification on the issue has mysteriously disappeared and you as a mod don’t seem to be able to find it? That seems odd.

You are a level 2 member. Are you saying that “you” can’t flag posts for review. And any member can PM a MOD with an issue at any time. You can identify the MODs by the shield next to their screen name. If you don’t know who we are, here is a list: