Presidential debate stuff that you can surely put prop bets on

Much like the coin toss and what team scores 1st in the Super Bowl, there are actual betting sites you can go to and place a friendly wager.

In a similar spirit of fun, I merely listed six below that seem on the surface relatively harmless.

My favorite among them is #4 - who will be 1st to mention OR NOT AT ALL from specific group.

  1. How will Trump and Biden initially greet each other-i.e. elbow bump, handshake, etc.?

  2. Who will be the first to speak?

  3. Who will 1st initially mention “China” by name?

  4. Candidate 1st to mention from a list of Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg + Klobuchar?

  5. Who will be mentioned first by name by either candidate?

  6. Who will mention Dr. Anthony Fauci first?

Feel free to reply with your favorite too.

who will claim that union workers support him?

who will claim that law enforcement endorses him?

who will claim that he supports the American dream?

who will claim that his sons actually work for a living?

Who will be the first to say, “come on maaaan”?

Who will be the first to stutter?

Who will be the first to look for the missing teleprompter?

Who will be wearing a mask on stage?

Who will be the first to say the word racism or racist?

I’ll take “Head nod with grimace/smile and minimal eye contact” at 5:1

I agree with head nod’s but with Trump strong and direct eye contact being 3:1

It’s funny that people actually think he’s a strong tough guy…

who will be the first to take a drink of water?

who will be the first to do a spit-take?

Pre debate for the last 6 months; Joe Biden has dementia and probably won’t even show up to drool all over himself.

Post debate: Of course Biden is good at debates he’s been doing it for 47 years we’re not voting for Trump because he can debate.


Do we think a Trump will do this again? Maybe Biden?

:grin: :grin: :grin: