President Trump says payments to women were 'private transaction,' not criminal offense

So, he’s been lying all along. Here’s a timeline from August showing how his story has changed over time. The first entry is…

“Nov. 4, 2016: Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks denies affair
Hicks told the Wall Street Journal it was “absolutely, unequivocally” false that Trump and Daniels had had a relationship.”

Fat donald is all over the place.
“Smocking gun” :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It looks like he is just flailing now - throwing everything against the wall in hopes that something will stick.

he’s using every emotional word/phrase in the Republican Media’s dictionary to try to weasel out and Republican Media doesn’t even realize that they’re being played as well.

sad times these are.

Totally vindicated! :rofl:

Looks like fat donald was smocking a couple of bongs of stupidity.

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Wow ,who knew that we would see a president of the United States have a complete meltdown on Twitter!

Exhibit A

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“Michael is my attorney and you have to ask Michael” —fat donald

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It’s amusing to see him accuse Democrats of making this charge. It is his own appointed Prosecutors in SDNY that have the evidence of his complicity in a criminal conspiracy to commit multiple felonies. He is now an unindicted co-conspirator as alleged by his own DOJ.

Good job Trump supporters. You now support a felon who committed his felonies in an attempt to effect the election in his favor. Be proud Trumpers. Be very proud. You support another Nixon.

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The President has never denied making the payments. He has denied having an interlude with Stormy Daniels.

After years of silence, she made this claim. She said her creepy lawyer “Michael Avenatti” persuaded her go public.

“I don’t know about the 130k payment” -fat donald’s own mouth

So tell me - if Trump had not had an interlude, why make the payment? If I was innocent in this situation and had Trump’s resources, I would have fought to clear my name.

He was a candidate for POTUS. His lawyers settled more than one claim like this.

Completely untrue. She first spoke of this back in 2011 with In Touch magazine. Stop spreading fake news.

Fat donald is ■■■■■■■ Cohen has more than enough proof, including documents and RECORDINGS.

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And again - why settle? If he’s innocent, why not fight the accusations?

pretty much.


Trump’s own DOJ would not have made this bombshell allegation against the President of the United States without more than enough corroborating evidence to support such a charge.

It’s insane there are still people pretending the affairs never happened, that the payoffs were legal, and that no criminal malfeasance occurred here. Trump and Cohen engaged in a conspiracy to illegally effect the outcome of the election in Trumps favor.


How many years do you count between 2011 and the campaign? Why when he was a candidate for POTUS if not for personal gain?

I personally don’t care what happens between two consenting adults.