President Obama to be honored by California State Senate by renaming section of Ventura Freeway

Just happened to see this. How very cool. If it were up to met, I’d name the whole of Highway 5 in the state for him, but a little bit works. Well-deserved honor for a very cool guy. To be specific, it’s the portion of Highway 134 that runs between 210 and Highway 2 in Glendate and Pasadena.,-118.2266742,10.25z

Typical of the left coast, they renamed an historic street in my area Cesar Chavez Blvd over the objections of the residents who live on that street.

Nope. Don’t like naming things after living people.

Don’t like naming roads or airports or government offices etc after people, alive or dead.

Too funny. :smile:

Perhaps you should do a search for streets and schools and other things named after Chavez.

You will discover, if you look, just how coast to coast it is to name things after Chavez. Even in some very Right Wingish places.

What part of local residents were against the liberal filth’s renaming of their historic street in an historic district that had nothing to do with Cesar Chavez?

I see the triggering is already underway.

Liberal filth?

What part of a few people, who named one street, out of thousands and thousands encompasses the “left coast”.

Tell you what, tell us exactly what street in exactly what city got renamed to Cesar Chavez Blvd.

We need to know that to go forward here.

lubbock texas,pretty much as hard core conservative as you can get has a cesar chavez drive
salt lake city has one too
cesar chavez boulevard
waco texas has a middle school

named after him

oh man I hope people start boycotting that freeway…