Powerful US attorney who investigated Trump associates refuses to step down after Barr tries to push him out

Agreed. It’s more important to have Trump in office so they can get conservative justices who will write opinions with the liberal side of the court.

Errrr, I mean … ummmm … well, never mind…


PS3/ Here’s the very simplest way to understand it: Berman’s SDNY is investigating a man who says Barr is a co-conspirator with Trump and Giuliani in laundering foreign money for the 2020 election. SDNY has the power to cut a deal with this man. Now Barr is trying to fire Berman.

PS4/ If you knew nothing else beyond what I just said, you’d see that even the fact that Barr is willing to fire Berman means Barr is willing to create the appearance that he’s trying to scuttle a probe that incriminates him. How desperate must Barr be to allow that appearance?

Someone learned something is coming down the pipeline.

I sure hope this guy is spending the weekend transferring his work to someone worsens office.

His investigations into Epstein, Guilin I, turkey and Deustch bank should continue.

THIS is correct and I am in agreement.

Then there’s this (from CNN): “Barr said Trump has appointed Craig Carpenito, currently the United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey, to serve as the acting United States attorney for the Southern District of New York until Clayton is confirmed. Carpenito will begin the role on July 3.”

But Trump cannot appoint someone to take Berman’s place until that confirmation happens.

That is the one thing he can’t do. The law doesn’t allow for it.

Why it happened at 10:00 PM on a Friday.

The nomination of Jay Clayton is official, the Senate confirmation is next. If I’m reading correctly?

If Trump supporters can defend him attempting to blackmail Ukraine for dirt on Biden then this DOJ thing is a piece of cake.


But Trump has to wait until Clayton is confirmed to replace Berman.

He can’t appoint a temp to take his place until the confirmation.

Barr needs to be investigated and impeached.

“Reports of tensions between Barr and Berman began circulating almost immediately after Barr was sworn in. Barr at the time sought information from SDNY about two cases involving Trump, the hush-money payments and the Giuliani associates case.”

Lol- this US atty got notice that he was ‘stepping down’. He isn’t. What is Barr hiding this time?

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This is the atty who sent Michael Cohen away- he must know A LOT.

Not only that…he’s currently investigating someone over Trump 2020 campaign finance, and that someone has implicated Barr as being involved.

Ahh. There it is. Their corruption knows no bounds.

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Berman’s statement below.


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Yes, Berman-who btw is Rudy’s former law partner and a Trump 2016 guy-is the interim appointee. But he was technically appointed by the courts and the Trump administration, masters of politics they are, never bothered to confirm him through the Senate.

So now they’re stuck. Confirming a replacement means the Senate has to go on record supporting this. Mitch McConnell is not gonna want to do that.


Please, let’s get this before the Senate as quick as possibly so we can all hear exactly what’s going on.

Anybody else see Barr getting thrown under the bus soon?