Potential Florida gun legislation (gun show "loophole")

The sweeping legislation would require background checks and a three-day waiting period for firearms sold “on property to which the public has the right of access,” such as “a flea market, a gun show, or a firearm exhibit.”


Impossible to enforce without a registry…which has already been ruled against constitutionally.


Ps. There is no gun show loophole.

They are called private sales and can take place anywhere.


Sure, let’s violate the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments to make the anti gun left feel safe.

What could possibly go wrong?

Private is private there is no “gun show loophole” and never has been.


But “gunshow loophole” sounds so scary and underhanded!

Libs consider any situation that they don’t like and is not illegal is a loophole.

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“on property to which the public has the right of access,” doesn’t sound very private.

Exactly. And who is this “anti gun left”?

From the article:

The proposal (SB 7028) is a priority of Senate President Bill Galvano, R-Bradenton,

Clearly you’re not the only one that didn’t read the article. This bill is the priority of a Florida Senator who is a Republican. You can stop with the broad brushing of “libs”.

Exactly. Amazing how many leftists either don’t know or don’t let on that they know.

Hey, if you go far enough to the right, everybody is to the left. It’s the no true Scotsman fallacy.

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Most gun shows I know of, you have to pay to get in, so this wouldn’t apply anyways.

The Republican Senator is a leftist?

Read the article.
IT closes the private sale loophole.

At gun shows there is a 3 day waiting period to get the gun when its between private sellers
For ALL private sales (including gun shows that have private sellers) individuals who sell guns to other people would be required to fill out a form that would include the name, date of birth and identification information of the purchaser. The affidavit, which would include background questions aimed at ensuring the purchaser is eligible to buy a gun, would have to be notarized.

A private sale of legal goods between two individuals is not a loophole.

My reference was to leftists in general who go on and on about the imaginary gun show loophole.

I don’t know the republican senator so i presume he is an idiot.

If it allows someone who couldn’t pass a background check otherwise, it is. Because at that point -its not a legal good to the buyer but he got away with it.

Its why I am not allowed to sell beer to my underage neighbor. And if it did -I would be in trouble.

How does it close any “loophole”? If the 2 parties do not report the sale how does it get enforced? :thinking:

Again. If I sell beer to my underage neighbor - but neither of us report it - was there a loophole? Nope. Just 2 people breaking the law. But if he gets busted and tell them he bought it from me, im in trouble.
So im not gonna do it.

If someone buys a gun and no one reports it - Then that gun is used in a crime and its discovered the person selling it didn’t follow the law, they are gonna be convicted, prob lose their right to purchase more guns. Result? Most law abiding citizens wont risk that and will either 1- Not sell the gun. or 2 -More likely -Download the form off the internet and send it in.

You all continue to think perfection is the enemy of good and anything that wont solve a issue 100% is pointless.
The laws are not about ELIMINATING gun crimes, its about reducing it.

So it doesn’t close anything. Just as I thought.

I might point out that there are many guns out there that go too far back to have any records on them in which case if it is used in a crime they still don’t know where the gun came from.

I suppose the law makes some feel good however. :sunglasses:

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That is non sequiter.

IF this passes there is no longer a loophole.
Just people that will still break the law and risk punishment.

And yes -There are lots of guns that go to far back to track. As i stated -perfection is not the enemy of good.
We start fixing things NOW.