Posts Needing Mod Approval

Just got notice a post needed mod approval as I had “one pending”.

Never dealt with this before.

Are certain accounts being watched for whatever reason?

Certain words and phrases are on a secret list which will trigger the review.


And you will never know what they are under any circumstance. Ever.


I found out a few of the words. One of our senator’s last name triggered the review one time for me.

And if I remember right, the MOD with brains fixed it right?

How about the Moderators just state what the words are?



Then people would stop using them and the phrases. There is a reaon for it and trust me it works as intended 98% most of the time.

OK. I hear ya.

Had this happen once to me early on. Can’t remember exactly why. The post was one to entertain everyone within the context of a topic, pure humor fluff. It was okay when all was said and done. As someone said: probably some words are on a list.

I can say senator coons now? Cool.

Huh. Musta been some cleanup work on the double super secret list. I just posted one that triggered the review in the past. Still triggers a review.

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Don’t say anything about it unless you want to start a Cat 5 Fecal Storm.

The list was long and distinguished.

Yes, there are words on a hidden list that prevent spammers mostly, but on many many occasion, have prevented quite a few of our honored guests from getting a timeout. People forget where they are and go potty mouth. The approval list snags it and we delete it without any trouble because it didn’t make it to the forum. Does it flag some harmless posts? Sure. But they’re few and far between. Admin installed them, I tweaked the list so as to not go overboard, and no we can’t divulge what words are on the list as that would defeat the main purpose which is to fend off spammers.

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Or they’d have to kill you.

Just on the internet.

Makes sense and also why list shouldnt be published

At last an explanation that we can all understand and accept.

This makes more sense than the cryptic reasons previously given and now its been answered and we understand why then it stops being an issue.

Thanks so much, its appreciated.

doing it again…

It does that when you talk of nazis and Hitler. It keeps people from comparing them to political figures of today.