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I’m sure we will be seeing some tweets on this…

I’m eagerly awaiting the tweet where the Trumpster demotes this Judge to the status of a “so - called judge.”

Well now we may see (barring any other legal action) whether the O’Donnell story had any legs or not.

If they did nothing wrong then what are they hiding?

No question… he was born in Puerto Rico and appointed by Obama… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He will be labeled an enemy of the people at best. .

If anything comes of this, I am going to get big big points for my prescient abilities

I remember a post I made about one of the reasons Trump was going to be a problem if elected President was because of his many conflicts of interest. I specifically cited Deutsche Bank as a big problem for him because of the shady nature of its business dealings and the fact that, since he has $500 M in loans from them, would he be able to deal with issues with them in an honest and transparent way.

I was pooh poohed with “We’ve had rich Presidents before” scornful replies.

“Not like this,” I said. “Not someone with so many dubious financial entanglements”.

Let’s see if I was right.

Dammit never mind.

The article is dated May 22.

OPer- you drew me in!

Dammit… that’s what I get for trying to post on mobile…

Old news

I apologize for posting this like it was new news… This is from May but was in a Twitter feed I follow as breaking news. Being on mobile, I didn’t check as close as I usually do…

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