Populists win in Argentina and the Netherlands

I’m not well versed in the politics of either country so not sure how significant this is, but I thought it was an interesting perspective. From the link:

The main issues that drove the victories of Javier Milei in Argentina and Geert Wilders in The Netherlands have little to do with each other. It was the hyper-inflation destroying the Argentine economy that lifted the eccentric libertarian economist and political novice Milei to victory. Meanwhile, the opening that gave Wilders his win was the sense that Dutch society and its liberal values are being subverted by out-of-control immigration from Muslim countries; Wilders has been campaigning on this issue for decades amidst constant death threats from Islamists.

Then later in the article:

Yet the common theme in these elections is the way both illustrate the pushback against leftist orthodoxies and an acknowledgement of the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the governing elites, no matter what political labels they put on themselves.


Here’s more on this:


IMO…the whole world watched the US, Trump and those conservative Americans that have had enough with trans confusion, mutating children, open borders, sanctuary cities, sexual indoctrination of children and all the other lib garbage and it’s motivated them to stand up. You go world and may “we” observe you and be motivated by your successes in 2024 in all of the elections around the country.

How very American-centric of you. Not to say that American culture and politics isn’t influential across the world, because it is … but to say your grievances with the American left motivated the voters of Argentina and the Netherlands is a stretch.

What’s the difference between the “American” left and the left?

It’s a major trend. That includes kicking France out of central africa, the war in russian, the BRIC alliance. The power of the globalist’s and the left is in decline which is why they are so oppressive.

Here’s this from another link:

So, the party’s stance on immigration is unequivocal. The general public and Dutch voters also agree with Wilder’s point of view. In recent years, the immigration rate has skyrocketed and will affect citizens in the long run.

In 2022 alone, net immigration to the Netherlands rose to nearly 223,000. This number is also on track to increase further in 2023.

The Netherlands is a small European country with a population of 17.5 million. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people may seem small, but it is pretty significant for such a small country.

Forty-six thousand four hundred of these immigrants sought asylum in 2022, and more than 70,000 are estimated to do the same in 2023.

Without a doubt, this is a rising problem that will have severe consequences if left unchecked. Soon after Wilders got into power, he called for strict limits on overall immigration.

He also seeks to end the admission of asylum seekers into the Netherlands. According to him, the high immigration rate is the reason for the price increase and lack of affordable housing. Moreover, the public agrees and supports him in this.


Clearly Biden and the Democrats will absolutely not follow this as they clearly want to have an open border.