Pope Francis calls for civil union law for same-sex couples

What better option is that?

Nondenominational marriage vows include one to forsake all others.

If someone has another priority than his or her spouse—be it a hetero or homosexual liason, an addiction or time spent with friends, or anything or anyone else—they’ve broken the vows & gotten themselves kicked out of the house.

Maybe the next husband or wife will be an actual grown up. The only alternative I see here another poster mentioned some tome ago on a similar thread—a year long mentoring program sponsored by the Roman Catholic Church BEFORE marriage, teaching the responsibilities of marriage & helping weed out incompatible couples before they made the vows.

Keep in mind statistics show that subsequent marriages are even more likely to fail.

Take the divorce option off the table which results in the option of making the marriage work.

How is a marriage where someone who clearly has broken his or her vows going to work? How is it sanctioned by God?

Let’s say it’s one like a letter to the advice columnist where the writer caught her husband in male-male relationships, where a husband wife relationship could endanger her. How can that work or be sanctioned by God?

Ya I agree I don’t need the government stepping in on marriage. It’s so silly so under the law. Couple A could live together unmarried 5 years the relationship breaks apart and that’s it, people go their separate ways. Couple B gets married lives together 5 years the relationship breaks apart and then here comes the lawyers and damages. house lose, alimony and all kinds of good things which I have to give the millennial generation one positive nod, less are getting married and more than ever getting prenuptials.

Are you arguing that fifty percent of all marriages and seventy percent of all subsequent marriages fail because one spouse was a homosexual? Is your secondary argument that anyone who was at one time unfaithful to marriage vows but wants forgiveness should not be granted that forgiveness?

It is also interesting that most blame their partner for the divorce than see their own role in the divorce.

Not divorced here.

Take away that small percentage of divorces that involve a homosexual affair & replace it with a heterosexual one. Should a wife, or a husband, be physically intimate with someone who has disregarded all sensibility?

STD testing isn’t something limited to the young. How about someone who was deceived about the person they were to marry & that person has a criminal record that may endanger them?

Or one person wants a child & the other either doesn’t or is sterile & fails to disclose that? A contract entered into via deception isn’t a valid contract.

And yes, I’m arguing someone who physically cheated on his or her spouse has lost their position in the marriage. They chose to break a vow in not being trustworthy.

Exactly what is it they’d do if communication broke down again between them & their spouse? Stray again?

They should amicably leave while continuing any parenting responsibilities.

While I do think that governments are able to regulate civil unions, I don’t think that government decisions should be based on religious doctrine.

It is to their children.

Remind you of anyone?[quote=“Smyrna, post:31, topic:236466, full:true”]

It is to their children. I try hard to be subtle.


You? :sunglasses:

We may be talking cross purposes. I was addressing “No Fault” divorce but let’s address someone at fault. What if all of society punishes the person who is at fault instead of ignoring the wrong-doing? What if society holds those who marry to certain expectations and punishes those who stray from those expectations (and those who abet)?

I don’t think that people need to be “punished” for a failing marriage.

That argument is that society should have no interest in the success (or failure) of marriage which goes back to my argument that government shouldn’t care about any type of civil unions or what two consenting adults decide to do or not do. No need for lawyers to become involved either. If two consenting adults decide to live together, then those two consenting adults can decide not to live together and work out all the details on their own, just as they work out the details of living together on their own. No government or laws needed.

Depends on the fault.

There are some flaws that can be improved on & not only the marriage kept intact, but made better.

Who, for instance, benefits from a marriage with one partner in a drunken haze much of the time?

Ultimatum would be find a way to give up drinking or sign off on the marriage, and the addicted party chooses to stop drinking through a 12 Step program.

When someone isn’t around very much for whatever reason, isn’t that supposed to be one of the benefits of marriage, companionship? Find a way to be a part of the household more—even if it means giving up an activity, or having to cut back financially.

But once a spouse has crossed the line into physical intimacy with another—there are religions that accept polygamy, but they don’t accept such relations as mistress—that is the final straw that broke the camel’s back & they have earned their ticket out of the marriage & need to work with their ex to meet parenting responsibilities.


Marriages will generally result in common property and offspring.

The government( which is a representation of the populace) has an interest in offering protections for those two things for the life of the marriage and more importantly when the marriage ends either through death or divorce.

I guess we could get rid of government involvement in marriage and have each couple draw up their own legal agreement to hash out these things… but since marriage licenses are usually in the tens of dollars range…I don’t see where the cost benefit is.

A married couple, who are faithful to their sacred vows and lovingly raise children into adulthood, that repeats this cycle in the next generation…is the very foundation this country is built upon. As I observe marriages and the sanctity of them being dissipated by our evolving culture, I’m also observing the weakening of our nation as it’s falling apart and so many, in their shallow kindness, are blind to this truth.

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I don’t think he’s all that into the Bible.