POMPEO TO KERRY: You Had Your Day, ‘Get Off the Stage’

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/pompeo-to-kerry-you-had-your-day-get-off-the-stage/

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo slammed his predecessor Wednesday evening over his continued meetings with Iranian officials since leaving office; saying John Kerry “had his day” and needs to “get off the stage.”

Pompeo was speaking with Fox News when he was asked to comment on Kerry’s public admission that he’s met with his Iranian counterpart at least “three or four times” in recent months.

“Secretary Kerry can’t seem to get off the stage, and you have to,” said Pompeo. “When I am the former secretary I will get off. Every previous former secretary has done that too.”

“I am trying to execute American’s foreign policy, and they are not only unhelpful but acting in ways that are harmful to achieving what’s best for the American people, and that’s my criticism. Stop it and let it go. You had your day. We think you fundamentally got it wrong with Iran, and we’re trying to make it right,” he fumed.

h/t Daily Caller