POLL: Trump Support SURGES in ‘Purple’ Georgia, Impeachment Drops in Recent Days

Originally published at: POLL: Trump Support SURGES in ‘Purple’ Georgia, Impeachment Drops in Recent Days | Sean Hannity

A new Towery Survey of 1000 voters in Georgia conducted over the weekend shows a surge in the number of residents supporting President Trump.

The survey, provided exclusively for The Sean Hannity Show, was conducted using the same methodology that Matt Towery used in 2016 to project that Trump would defeat Hillary Clinton for president.

The Georgia results in the new December poll show a substantial increase in job approval for President Trump in this, the nation’s eighth-largest state, as compared to the findings of a similar Atlanta Journal- Constitution/University of Georgia survey released Nov. 12th.

Poll Results

Trump Job Performance:

Approve: 52% Disapprove: 42% Undecided: 6%


Support Impeachment: 13% Support Removal: 33% Oppose impeachment: 50% Undecided: 4%

“My survey indicates that the impeachment effort by congressional Democrats is likely having an unintended yet forceful impact on voter approval for President Trump. Namely, it’s driving approval ratings for the president much higher,” said Matt Towery.

“We can see the driving force in this increase in job approval by comparing the support for what was five weeks ago an impeachment inquiry and support for Trump’s removal from office. Approval for the impeachment inquiry in November was 54 percent in Georgia, with 44 percent against,” he added.

Read the full survey here.