Politics Began On July the 4th, 1776 Happy 4th Everybody

We wouldn’t have our politics had the country never been born. Happy 4th of July. Today, let’s celebrate the greatest country on earth. Happy birthday United States of America.

History began on July 4, 1776. Everything before that was a mistake.

Happy 4th Koushi and thanks for starting things on a positive note? :sunglasses:

Happy 4th of July!!

Always a great day to appreciate getting lucky to be born here (and a great excuse to not work, grill some meat, and drink some beer! :grin:).

Proud to be an American. Happy Independence Day!

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Not a fan of Parks and Recreation?


Just got back from visiting Yellowstone and the Teton National Parks last Sunday. I’m a fan and still worn out.


My 61st 4th of July in what I still know to be the greatest nation on earth.

Despite her wrinkles, her warts, her guilty scars, her noble nicks and cuts and bruises; she remains a lifelong love.

I am ever proud.


Oh o say can you seeeeeeee…

a glass half full or a glass half empty

thank you for your service

Somewhere I have my old US Air Force officer commissioning document. It’s dated as though that is true. It was weird to see that date… in the hundreds… not 1981.

I never served in our armed forces. I tried to enlist, but they would not take me with my handicaps.

Just pour your glass into mine…and let’s forget about it? :us: :sunglasses:

Happy treason day!


Want to touch Cornwallis’ sword?

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Well done!

thaʔnk ya veʔry much

Would have been more impactful in a British accent.

Well, it was set I Australia. Sooooo…