Politics and Health Care

Up until the 1980s, our healthcare system worked pretty well.

Medical care was not profit-based.

Ronald Reagan decided that medical care should be profit-based, and that’s where the insurance companies started making their money.


I’ve read the opposite in regard to it functioning well, hence the necessity for HMOs in 1971.

The problem goes back farther, all the way to the World War II era when wage caps were in place.

Companies could not raise wages to attract talent, so, among other things, they began to offer heath insurance. The problem begins from that time.

I don’t have the time to go into the whole history.

Suffice it to say for now that I ******* DESPISE the “health insurance” (actually third party payer) model that now exists.

ANY reforms I would make would center around banning low deductible health insurance and abandoning the third party payer model as we now know it. I will go into its possible replacement at another time.

Insurance company officers should be gutted and strung up by their own intestines. :smile:

But again, don’t feel like delving into this subject in depth right now.