Political Movies, showing the idiocy of totalitarian ambitions

Two “historical fiction films”, depicting totalitarian, hive mentality against the plight of the common human. I see are free on Youtube:

This one: “The Sicilian” Michael Cimino dir, and Mario Puzo’s book, depicting the eternal, constant Samsaric nonsense fighting between Communists, Fascists, Nazi’s, religious chaos. radical Populists and revolutionaries, causing grief to normal people under the greed of totalitarianism and false ideologies.

AND “The Cardinal” depicting the eternal nasty battles between each facet of totalitarianism, Commies, Fascists, Nazi’s, bigots against religious faith and normal human decency and indicates how America has to obliterate the corruption touching anything and everything not Sacred.

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Wow. I didn’t expect these two films entering my consciousness today. They’re both interesting. The Michale Cimino/Gore Vidal/Mario Puzo Sicilian adaptation is kind of a fascinating mess. They adapted it from Puzo’s novel (which involves the Corleone family) while omitting references to the Corleones.

Is this an observation about the movie, or is it a comment on America’s mission in the world?


This was not Cimino’s fault it was the copyright of using certain character’s names. The studio butchered the 4 to 6 hour version of the movie, from Cimino which was originally going to be far longer and even the “director’s cut” is only 2 1/2 hours.

Oh, I know: I don’t blame him at all. It just makes it a more interesting movie than, say, The Godfather III.

When Cimino made the movie the studio butchered it. The early part of the book “The Sicilian,” ended up cut out because the other studio was going to sue.