Political invisibility and the struggle of Native Americans

Native American are mostly political invisible in America, they have the highest suicide rates, the highest rape and sexual assault likelyhood, highest murder rate, more likely to be killed by the police then any other demographic.

but we never hear about them when talking about these issues, the following is a report about the political visibility of Native American and how we can improve condition for them.

I would refer to my post from some months ago.

If you want to help Native Americans, end the regime of political apartheid (called reservations) and fully integrate them into society.

As a Native who is fully integrated into society I can understand the push to keep reservation they maintain hunting/fishing rights, local government, etc.

the issue is there is zero trust within the Native community that integration would be done in a way that would benefit them since the government has a long history of broken promises.

In my linked post, I have outlined a path to integration.

Ultimately, Native Americans will never prosper under the reservation system.

Separation of the black and white races was deemed so bad that we instituted busing and other measures to integrate the races.

But somehow, when it comes to Native American’s, we cannot bring ourselves to end what amounts to racial segregation.

Native American’s will never have a decent standard of living or prosperity as long as the reservation system exists.

I fully support integration as a Native who is fully integrated.

but the issue is Native want to reserve their traditional rights, and that will never happen.

There would also need to be serious reparation for lost land since there are signed agreement that were broken, etc but that will never happen.

I would settle for tax credit and public apology from Congress/WH.

I would address this by assigning any royalties from energy and minerals mined in the former reservations to enrolled members of the tribe, as well as assigning tax revenues gained from the mining to those same enrolled members. This would go on for an extended period, perhaps 40 or 50 years.

It’s not all bad, we named a football team after them…