70,000 valid Native American IDs made invalid for voting, SCOTUS approves

The decision was placed on hold in 2016.

From the time of the original decision to recently, the original IDs were to be considered valid. Had the decision gone the other way, they still would be.

As I stated earlier, Im not even disputing the decision itself, as Im kinda leaning to agree with it…Im questioning the timing and why they didnt make it effective for the next election cycle.

It’s not an ID, if it has no bio tracer like a finger print.

SCOTUS (nor the other courts) can’t dictate implementation of a state law. It can only rule on the constitutionality of the law.

Cases come up in the schedule when they come up. You’d have a better argument if you had evidence that this one was accelerated on the calendar to create this timing.

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Rather than adapting their ideas and platform, they’re just abandoning democracy. Win at all costs, even if it means taking a dump on our election process.

Was this Boozin’ Brett’s first case?

He opened up the file, saw Democrats were involved, and immediately rules against them.

The other justices said - “Brett, do you have naything to write about this case?” His response - “Naw, ■■■■ the Clintons and Democrats.”

The issue of Native Americans needs to be dealt with and sooner, not later.

If you WANT to **** over Native Americans, the current system already does it for you.

Time to disestablish all Indian Reservations, disestablish their governments and place them under the jurisdiction of the State, county and local municipality (if any) wherein they reside. Liquidate tribal assets and distribute evenly to enrolled members of the tribe. Take action to clear land titles and open up vacant land for public sale. Limit welfare services at remote locations and encourage and facilitate poor Indians to travel to towns and cities were jobs and education are available.

Most of all, reverse the government imposed Apartheid of Indian Reservations and assimilate Native Americans into general society.

I should note that many current tribal areas have natural resources that cannot be exploited due to the bureaucracy of Federal Indian management rules. Eliminate the reservations and the resource could be exploited, with revenue to be used for the benefit of enrolled tribal members, whether for education or welfare assistance. Existing tribal casinos would be permitted to continue to operate, again, as long as their revenues are used solely for the benefit of enrolled members of the tribe.

Over time, as Native Americans assimilate into society at large, these special revenue streams would be phased out. Casino revenue would likely be shifted into general state education funding as is the case with non-Indian casino’s in several States.

Native American Apartheid has been a failure. The current system sets Native American’s up for failure and by and large, many do fail. Time to end this failed system and assimilate Native Americans into society at large.

Not to mention is that once they have jobs and regular lives in society, they will have regular ID’s with addresses. Even if they are on welfare, but living in regular society, they will still have regular ID’s with addresses.

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My mom has worked most of her life with various American Indian groups/reservations, including a big one here in Wisconsin.

Much of what you say is true. But wouldn’t what you suggest have to be done by force? I am not aware of much if any movement toward this type of change from within the population.

That unfortunately is the big problem. Some will embrace it, but doubtless many will resist as well. HOW to do this in such a way as to have the cooperation rather than resistance of Native Americans is a question that itself must be solved first.

I can’t see anything but resistance. So much money, resources, effort have been used for decades encouraging American Indians to adapt to “American” ways of life a d using reservation resources/land in more productive ways. But it’s so damn intractible, I don’t see any changes from within in the foreseeable future.

There are only 35,000 or so Indians in the entire state and only about 60% of them even live on reservations.

Someone needs a math class.

Literally the first reply in the thread.

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Before anyone jumps on me, I erred in the title, the 70,000 is statewide, not on the reservations. The point is exactly the same however and it is voter suppression in your face. Less than a month for thousands to get a new ID might not sound so bad to those of us living in relative comfort compared to many of those who will be affected. Some will not hear about it for days or weeks or until they go to the polling places.

There are only 35,000 or so Indians in the entire state and only about 60% of them even live on reservations.

Someone needs a math class.

Someone needs a reading lesson.

What is 60% of 35,000?


That was the first reply in the thread. It was his correction of the title. Do you need a reading lesson?

Here I linked it again in case you wanted to read it.

Is this not the first reply in the thread?


The OP immediately acknowledged his title wasn’t right.

It’s such a weird point to triple down on. Like, what is even to gain here? It’s like the comment section of a Ben Shapiro youtube video.

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And they lost.

Just wanted to check and…yep. This is your first post in the thread.

Which directly addresses the OP.

the OP rebutted before you even saw this thread. Tough night for you, bruv. Grab some pine.