Police shooting in kenosha wisconsin

police in kenosha wisconsin shot a black man in the back at least 7 times ,caught on video.
they have declared an emergency curfew as people are taking to the streets.

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The video certainly shows him going into the car. I think that at that time the officers were afraid of what he was possibly going for. However don’t these guys also carry Tasers? And what the hell, 7 times???
This is not going to end well I am afraid.


Shoot first, ask questions later.

no body cameras,which as far as im concerned means the cop is guilty.

One of the first five bills in the new Congress needs to be the unconditional end of qualified immunity.


here comes ■■■■■■■ media to stir up more riots
across the country


People are sick and tired of this ■■■■■

Could you see that they didn’t have them? Was it reported that they didn’t have them?

according to the county board supervisor neither city cops or country sherrif deputies wear them

There really needs to be a national movement to get body cams on all cops. This ■■■■ has to end.

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Only if politicians (mayors, city council members, state legislators, governors, and federal politicians are included). Especially with the defund police movement going on in some city. They defund and someone gets killed because of it (or injured, or have their property taken, or looted, or their business or home burned to the ground) then the politicians need to be held accountible.


There needs to be a new Civil Rights Act that would put cops under the strictest of standards for civil rights and provide harsh penalties for abuse of the badge.


All it takes is money. For camera’s, and for storage of all the video they record.
That’s the main problem for places that don’t have camera’s.

they have enacted an emergency curfew but how effective can a curfew be when people have lost all respect for the cops.

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And you will have criminals ruling the streets. What cop is going to use force to stop a criminal when this happens? Not a damn one. We already see it with high speed chases. Oh they are going really fast, putting people in dange, the case ends.

Becuase of the hoodlems.

it seems that a lot of cops ARE criminals, they have just gotten away with it up until now


Men getting shot in the back by police means nothing?

And what of this guy? Cops have guns on him. He just starts walking away. I’m sure they are yelling at him to stop. Then he just goes to get in the car. What about THAT type of behavior huh? What if there is a gun on the seat or under it we havn’t been told about. Would that change your mind?

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Do you know how many pedestrians are killed during high speed chases?

I’m sure the cops like to play action movie star - but i don’t know if blowing a red light should result in a body count.

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