Police just arrested 57 white supremacists in huge criminal bust

what history? in Charlottesville?

If you believe Trump was calling white supremacists “fine people” you should consider a new hobby besides serious political forums.

More trash off of our streets, congrats.

The Confederacy is a concept based solely on white supremacy.

The truth has no place in such conversations.

Bull ■■■■. The “superiority of the white race” played a part in it but it absolutely was not the sole motivation behind the split.

Slavery was the main motivation.

Thanks for a Canadian’s perspective. The significance of the State to 19th century people likely defies a lib’s understanding. Libs love the feds. No one was tried for being a traitor just for fighting for the south. Where in the world are you getting your “facts”?

and certainly not for the average soldier.

That act of sedition is the definition of treason.
and they were not tried for treason because the President pardon them.

my forefathers were also traitors but I don’t pretend that history doesn’t exist and try to ignore the facts.

Not only that but the the people in the South (you know, the liberal democrats) LEFT our country. They were no longer Americans. No longer part of the United States of America.

So not only did they fight to preserve Human Trafficking, they also left our country in an attempt to do so. I can’t think of a more horrible reason to leave a country. Sex trafficking maybe?

None of the southerners were even charged with treason. Until the end of the war even the judiciary was split over the constitutionality of secession.

Because they were pardoned by the President.

Above the rank of colonel.

That would make up about 5% or less of those who served in uniform and political office holders.

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Slavery is inseparable from the civil war.

Also, you’re trying to white wash Charlottesville too.

They weren’t protesting the removal of the average soldier. It was a statue of Robert E Lee.

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and likely they are taking the drugs too. so they won’t be around long.

As did every American soldier prior to emancipation in every war and skirmish prior to the civil war.

Lee Highway, named after the same, goes right into Washington DC. His name and those things that memorialize him are not antiAmerican. You have been lied to if you have been told otherwise

what is wrong with admitting that? is it such a bad thing to suggest that you know what sometimes we are the baddies?

my forefathers where traitors I don’t pretend they were not.

Who gets to decide what is anti-American? You?

I honestly don’t know what point you think you’re making with her your reply. What does a highway in DC prove?

You’re getting the cart in front of the horse. Was there not widespread public support for secession? Secession was voted on by their publicly elected officials.

The burning of farms only came after the elected officials seceded (due to fear of losing their ability to maintain slavery) and they started a war over it.